Creative Platforms
Projection Mapping | Holographic Displays

Turning 2 or 3D dimensional objects into a display surface for video projection
Multi-projector setup using Nvidia Quadro Graphic Cards and software blending, warping and geometry corrections
Rebuilding scaled models in 3D to do projection measurements and visual content development

Projection Mapping

Anything could be a projection canvas, from retail environments to property mockups, showroom cars and fashion products
Adaptive Projection Mapping
Custom Content
Creating 2D and 3D content
according to geometrical 
measurements of the 
projection surface
Surface Mapping
Using projection mapping
to warp, blend and correct 
geometry of projectors to
project on irregular shapes

Adaptive Mapping

Pre-fabricated 6M | 360° and 4M/6M | 180° screens for lease
Ready Made Screens
Utilizing 5 WXGA
short throw projectors,
projecting a 9.6k
resolution cylinder display

Ready Made Screens

Let your imagination run wild, we could build screens in all kinds of shapes. Domes to contain the universe, tunnels to enter a different dimension, down to flight simulators and omni theaters
Custom Made Projection Environments
Aluminium Structures
Well thought out aluminium structures
that are able to be dismantled to fit in
flight cases for reuse, storage and transport
Projection Fabric
Custom sized projection fabric
stretched out evenly using
spring hooks for ease of setup

Custom Built Screens

Reflecting a high-powered LED display on optic glass creating a see through holographic display
Reflective Holograms
Using ultra reflective optical grade glass to reflect visual content from a 2500cd/m2 LED panel

Reflective Holograms

A combination of 92% transparent holographic foil on glass with 5200lm laser ultra short throw projector
Rear Projection Hologram

Rear Projection

A 42cm vertical axis turbine fitted with a mapped LED strip spinning fast enough to produce a holographic displays
LED Turbine
Display Size: 42cm x 42cm
Viewing Angle: 450px x 224px

LED Turbine

Audio Reactive Graphics – Sephora Store Launch

Digital Visuals, Interactive Sensors, Projection Mapping

Clé de Peau Beauté Transparent Touch Screen

Holographic Displays, Interactive Sensors

Honda Projection Room

Projection Mapping

Audio Reactive Showcase

Interactive Sensors, Projection Mapping

Greater KL Transit Interactive Floor

Interactive Sensors, Projection Mapping

Hennessy Hong Kong Interactive Wall

Interactive Sensors, Projection Mapping

SafeSteps Road Safety Interactive Wall

Interactive Sensors, Projection Mapping

Prudential CEO Staff Comm Touchwall

Interactive Sensors, Projection Mapping

Havil International School

Projection Mapping, Virtual Reality

Land Public Transport Commission

3D Animation, Holographic Displays, Projection Mapping, Virtual Reality

Ricoh 80th Anniversary

Projection Mapping, Virtual Reality

2017 SEA Games

3D Animation, Holographic Displays

PruRide London

Projection Mapping, Virtual Reality

Safe Steps Road Safety

Projection Mapping, Virtual Reality