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Specialized Content

Creating specialized virtual reality content for 360° / 180° environments, 3D motion graphics for hologram displays

Content Platforms

Building and leasing custom-made screens to create immersive and interactive displays.

Hologram Displays

Bringing to life products in a holographic display, displays that will magnetize people. Turning passersby into participants.

Virtual Reality Content

Creating immersive VR content utilizing all the formats available in our current age. 4K 360° videos, 4K 180° ultra-wide videos, 360° animation, Google Streetview Spheres

3D Motion Graphics

Creating or recreating objects and bringing them to life with motion in a 3D environment for holographic displays.

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Ready-made Screens

Transform your traditional expo booth, showrooms, retail stores and event spaces into an experiential, immersive, digital environment

Custom Made Screens

Let your imagination run wild, transform any physical space into a virtual environment. We can build projection domes, tunnels, cylinders or anything you can think of in any shape or size.

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3D Hologram Box

Creating a mixed-reality display designed to present products in combination with free floating holographic video elements to bring products to life.

Hologram Window Display

Step into the future and transform glass surfaces into holographic displays. Convey your message better, use your canvasses better and amaze passersby.


Manipulating gravity to create a platform of infinite display possibilities to present products, a perfect fit for retail stores to leave their customers with an everlasting impression.


Defy gravity and transform your conventional retail displays into an eye-catching innovative product and amaze passersby.


Interactive Wall & Kinect Photobooth – Tudor Guangzhou

interactivesensors interactive-wall

Agile Embassy Garden Sales Gallery: A Curved Projection


Augmented Reality: Sony Music


LED Programming: Kancil Festival

electronics-and-led-programming interactivesensors

Interactive Stepper and Bicycle: Seiko

electronics-and-led-programming interactivesensors

LED Programming: JBCC SkyScape


Interactive Wall: Hennessy Macau


Interactive Product Table: BADLAB


Interactive Bicycle: Shiseido

electronics-and-led-programming interactivesensors

Interactive Stepper Challenge: Prudential Pulse

electronics-and-led-programming interactivesensors

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